Objectives and Facts

Every effort and action of Hoags Corners Volunteer Fire Company  is intended to attain or accomplish the following:

Company Objectives
  • To protect members of our community and their property from injury, loss, damage, or destruction by fire.
  • To acquire and maintain in working order, the equipment and fire apparatus required to protect our community.
  • To maintain the fire department buildings to house equipment and provide a meeting space for department members and our community.
  • To provide the necessary training and personal equipment required by the volunteer fire services and foster interest in others to serve as volunteers.
  • To assist our neighboring communities to answer the call of distress according to the county mutual aid plan.
Company Facts
  • HCVFC responds to all Emergency Medical Services calls in cooperation with the Hoags Corners Ambulance.
  • Fire district coverage area is 26.66 square miles or over 60% of the town.
  • Population in coverage area 2,500-3,000.
  • Alarms per year 150-275.
  • Fundraising events per year 10-15.
  • Residential structures in coverage area 749-800.
  • Types of membership include Active firefighters and Social members.